Borghetto S. S.

The Borghetto S.S. Distribution Center plays a role of primary importance and of general coordination for all of the company’s operational facilities, particularly in terms of the procurement of materials from select, qualified suppliers and in the brokerage and sorting of the goods sold. It also supports the distribution of products in off-truck sales in the province of Savona (West Riviera from Varazze to Laigueglia). The facility is connected in real time, through the companies intranet, to the Bardineto facility (production and packaging) and to the Distribution Centers in Imperia and Carrù (CN).


The Genova distribution centre is situated in the heart of this Ligurian capital. It works in the whole area from Genova to Arenzano also covering the complete east coast and punctually serving the areas of Savona, Imperia and Cuneo. This distribution centre represents the will of Frascheri to be as present as possible on the Ligurian territory in order to spread their brand and offer their Italian products with excellent quality both to end consumers and professionals specialized in the food branch.


Imperia Transit Point serves the entire province of Imperia: connected via intranet to Borghetto S.S. Distribution Center and the facility in Bardineto, it manages distribution through off-truck sales on the western Riviera from Andora to Ventimiglia, to ensure the constant presence of fresh products in the stores.


The Carrù Distribution Center, in the south of Cuneo, handles deliveries in the areas of Mondovì, Garessio, Ormea and in a series of small neighboring towns. The choice of this location is based on the company’s choice to also do business in this area bordering on Liguria which has always been a stronghold for the Frascheri brand.


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