Frascheri and the Environment

The philosophy of the Centrale del Latte Frascheri (Frascheri Dairy Plant) has always been orientated towards respect for nature and environment, from the selection of raw materials used in making our products, to the choice of packaging materials.
With this in mind, for some time now, Frascheri has worked towards an intense sales collaboration with a qualified supplier of national and international fame, selected also on the basis of eco-sustainability in terms of procurement of packaging destined to the contact with food, with particular reference to milk and other food items produced at the Bardineto Facility.
In fact, for the packaging of fresh pasteurized milk, fresh pasteurized cream and Latte&Cacao, Frascheri uses a type of container called “Tetra Rex”, in polycoupled paper which, for its particular characteristics in terms of composition and function, can be considered “the packaging of the future”, because it represents a “renewable resource”.

Here is why.
The paper used for the containers is produced with high quality fibers, from trees in sustainable and renewable forests, which can be recycled and reused for the production of other paper products.
The rectangular shape of the containers allows a more efficient packaging system and can be considered a space-saving format that reduces costs for transportation, storage and refrigeration.
In terms of image, the graphics on the containers has become increasingly sophisticated and can be used to enhance the product and promote a healthy lifestyle.
The production process for the containers, moreover, is very efficient because it uses less energy and generates less waste with respect to the process for plastic bottles, without considering that oil and natural gas (non renewable resources) are used in the production of plastics.
Therefore, the “Tetra Rex” container is the perfect synthesis of eco-sustainable material: it ensures protection of the product it contains and it is obtained with the use of less materials, energy and water, with a consequent reduction in the environmental impact.

With the purchase of a product packaged with a “Tetra Rex” container, three important goals are reached:
• “Renewal” because the containers are composed mainly of paper, obtained from responsibly managed forests in which trees are planted to replace those chopped down, in order to maintain a balanced biodiversity.
• “Recycling”” in the sense of “reducing waste, eliminating an old product and using it to produce something new”, because the recycled containers become the raw material for the production of a wide range of cellulosic materials. In this way, the demand for recycled paper decreases the use of natural resources which are conserved to the benefit of protecting the surrounding environment.
• “Reduction” because when a packaged product is purchased, the consumer seeks a few, important features: protection, freshness and convenience.
The purchase of a product packaged in a “Tetra Rex” container favors this standard of quality and, at the same time favours taking a firm position in terms of safeguarding the environment we live in.
With specific reference to the recycling method, it is important to note that, after use, the containers must be rinsed, crushed and placed in the proper bin for the collection of paper and cardboard (this differentiation is subject to variation, based on city regulations).
The paper is recycled for the production of numerous cellulosic materials with a production process that requires high quality, long, clean fibers (tissue paper, cereal boxes, newspapers, notebooks, etc.).
The polyethylene coating is removed during the recycling process and reused for production of plastic products (for example cooking tools) and as a high value energy resource, being derived from waste (EfW – Energy from Waste) in the recovery of industrial energy, because it has a high calorific value. Quality as a categorical imperative and attention to consumer needs, also meant as sensitivity to environmental protection, characterize the activity of Frascheri. Frascheri has always been working to offer the best, working to propose products that meet satisfaction and pleasure of their customers and that are characterized by healthiness, quality, naturalness, security and service.

Rossana Frascheri

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