Arianna UHT cream special for cream whippers 35%

Frascheri presents its UHT whipping cream for ice cream producers with a fat content of 35%, with a brilliant white colour that is appreciated by professionals and that is suitable for different uses. Ideal for production of ice cream, when added during the whisking stage it ensure an increase of volume and gives the product a smooth and creamy consistency.

If instead whipped in a cream whipper at a stable temperature between 0°C and +4°C it assumes a fluffy and creamy consistency and develops a good increase of volume. But at the same time, it keeps a consistent and dry structure, perfect for decorations of ice creams, deserts, hot chocolate or fruit salads. This product has been developed for professionals and refined together with professionals to reach the perfect product that will exalt the excellent quality and result of an ice cream master.

Available in Tetra Brik Base 1000 ml and Bag in Box 1000 litres in Combo.

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