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Swedish midsummer cake

on 29 June 2017



  • 100 g di Frascheri Butter;
  • 135 g sugar;
  • 5 Frascheri eggs;
  • 4 tbsp. Frascheri whole milk;
  • 120 g flour;
  • 2 tsp baking powder;


  • 225 g sugar;
  • 50-100 g roughly chopped almonds;


  • 300 ml Frascheri whipping cream;
  • 2 tsp vanilla;
  • Fresh fruits or berries.


turn the oven on. Mix butter and sugar porous. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Add one yolk at the time to the butter mix, then milk. After mixing a little bit add the flour and baking powder (previously mixed and stiffed).

whisk the egg whites with 125 g of the sugar until they are glossy and hold a firm peak. At this point add the rest of the sugar.
Spread the sponge batter evenly into a pan (30 x 40 cm) using a spatula. Spread the meringue on top of the batter, but this time not so evenly. Sprinkle the almonds on top of the meringue.

Bake at 150°C for about 30 minutes in the lower part of the oven. Leave it to cool. Cut it in half. Whip the cream together with the vanilla. Spread the cream on top of one of the sponges and put the other sponge on top of the cream with the meringue side up. Garnish with summer fruits and berries.

Fiorenzo FrascheriSwedish midsummer cake