The Bardineto Facility

Innovation for the highest quality

The production facility is equipped with state of the art systems and technology for the processing and packaging of fresh products, like Alta Qualità fresh pasteurized milk, fresh pasteurized whole and partly skimmed milk, pasteurized milk and cocoa, fresh pasteurized cream.
A division equipped with two packaging lines is dedicated to the production and packaging of long shelf life (UHT) milk in the whole, partly skimmed and skimmed varieties, and UHT cream.
The milk, exclusively Italian, comes from the nearby pastures in Piedmont and is carefully checked at the origin and subject to laboratory tests both in-house and at external certified laboratories working within the national health service.
The high level of automation of the systems and the infrastructural equipment reduce truck loading times to a minimum, maintaining the cold chain to ensure conservation of fresh products.

Fiorenzo FrascheriThe Bardineto Facility