The circle of milk

To better get to know one of the most important food products for our welfare

We are what we eat. We live in a time that have taught us to be suspicious against industry. The economic crisis has influenced on this matter and now we always want to know where products that we eat come from, we need to know who produced it and how it was produced. So, what makes the difference is who is behind a product.

Frascheri S.p.A is a company with decades of history and three overlapping generations of family that, with passion, ensures its growth.

With pride and courage Frascheri S.p.A decided to have their production site in Bardineto (SV), a place where you don’t expect to find an industry of fresh products, most probably you’ll believe you’ve got lost after all of those curves along the serpentine road.

What’s hidden behind this production site in Bardineto?

Its “Company life” is characterized by hectic rhythm, really hectic rhythm. The newly milked milk arrive early in the morning and will be taken care of by people that have woken up in the middle of the night in order to control and later work it.

Frascheri is a family company, a big family in continuous growth, with lots of children. Everyone that is being part of Frascheri has a family waiting at home and every day they bring a piece of work for them, a piece of work that have become fresh dairy products, perfect to share with your loved once.

It’s because of this that all of us have brought quality to our hearts, quality of what we produce.

Working with quality is an enormous work that is very difficult to imagine from the outside. You need to work fast, with patience, expertise and complete attention so that all the departments work well together in order to avoid friction that would stop the gear.

In this company you will never be bored because every day we put ourselves into discussion, we update, we chase the market, we invest and improve in order to offer the best.

We don’t want to offer you a “whatsoever” product, we want to offer you OUR products, the same products that we use at home. This is our quality insurance.

Dr. Laura Faedda
Quality Dept. Frascheri S.p.A.

Fiorenzo FrascheriThe circle of milk