Wellness and health

The importance of a correct nutrition

Frascheri’s product range is large and in continuous development in order to try to please all of your requests.

The market changes because different needs are developed, because of fashion and people. Research go ahead and continuously find new information about foods and their influence on our health. We assist to infinite debates between scientists and assumed scientists that should enlighten us regarding what we should and shouldn’t eat. Even people that have studied food matters for years have difficulties to understand who is right and who is wrong, this is why we have decided not to cite these studies even though they could show why our products are perfect for you.
We decide to inform you that, in our opinion, the correct diet to follow is the one that is made of an infinite variety of products, chosen for their quality.

Any exceed could damage your health but if we vary the intake and pay attention to quantities there won’t be any problem. Off course we also need to consider that some people have problems that prevent them to consume some specific food.
A typical example of these kind of problems is lactose intolerance.
Lactose is the milk sugar. To be able to digest it you need to divide its sugars into glucose and galactose, this is made through an enzyme called lactase. Lactase works as a pair of scissors; it cuts the connection between the sugars allowing assimilation by our organism.
Manny people, for some reason, don’t have this specific enzyme or only have a reduced quantity of it which might lead to intestinal problems of varying intensity.
For this reason, we have introduced low lactose products to our range. In these products, the lactase enzyme has been added, by us, in order to guarantee lactose intolerant people a safe product. Other people are not able to consume dairy products due to an allergic reaction to the milk protein. For this reason, we have decided to add a vegetable soy drink to our range of products. Our research will continue to go on, always trying to find new solutions to these kind of problems.
So, enjoy good food with high quality without exaggerating and you will find yourselves satisfied with both body and mind.

We are happy to accompany you in your daily habits, from your breakfast to your late night cup of hot milk.

Dott.ssa Laura Faedda
Quality Frascheri S.p.A.

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