Work with us

Work with us

Frascheri, a real growth opportunity!

Frascheri S.p.A

Facility, administrative headquarters:
Centrale del Latte
Via Cesare Battisti, 29
Phone. +39 019-7908005
Fax +39 019-7908042

Centro Distributivo di Borghetto S.S. (SV)
Via Provinciale per Toirano
Phone +39 0182-950162

Centro Distributivo di Genova (GE)
Via P. Gobetti, 8/R 16145
16145 GENOVA (GE)
Phone +39 0108531603

Centro distributivo di Imperia (IM)
Via Argine Sinistro
18100 IMPERIA (IM)
Phone +39 0183-297011

Centro distributivo di Carrù (CN)
Via Langhe 63
12061 CARRU’ (CN)
Phone +39 0173-779458

If you want to be a part of us, send us your spontaneous CV. Fill in the online form and we will have your CV in one click!

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